November 1, 2022

Best App to Learn Korean (Top 5 Korean Language Apps)

These Five Korean language apps can are an amazing way build a fun and quick learning practice.

Korean language apps can be one of the most powerful ways to supplement your learning. Apps are effective because they are easy to use and they allow for quick learning sessions spaced throughout the day. There are dozens of apps you can use to learn Korean, but most of them are boring and designed poorly. We have carefully narrowed the list down to the top five apps that actually work.

#1 Overall Korean Language App: LingoDeer & LingoDeer+


LingoDeer is the only Korean language app that provides a complete learning experience. The unique strength of this app is that it allows you to practice manipulating Korean sentences using the Hangul block structure. This helps you to think about Korean words and sentences in the correct way, in addition to practicing vocabulary. Grammar is the hardest part about learning Korean language, and this is the only app makes grammar easy. Additionally, the depth of content is extensive and the user experience is very clean. LingoDeer also has a second app called LingoDeer+, and it is filled with comprehensive learning games to make learning fun!


#2 - Best Korean Language App for Beginners - Duo-Lingo

Duo-lingo is a good app for starting your Korean Language Journey. The app is useful for quickly learning how to pronounce Korean words. It provides a simple progression system with some bells and whistles to help you stay motivated. However, the app has a few shortcomings. Firstly, the voices are robotic, so it can be hard to hear authentic pronunciations. Additionally, the app can feel get repetitive over time and provides little context. Although you can learn many new words quickly, the app rarely integrates them in full sentences with grammar and displays too much english. We recommend that you download Duo-lingo for your first few weeks learning Korean, then switch to LingoDeer for a more holistic Korean learning experience.


#3 - Most Fun Korean Language App - Infinite Korean

Infinite Korean is the most fun Korean app and feels like an arcade game. All you do to play is tap the falling meteors and select the correct translations. Tit reads the words aloud so that you can practice listening and interpreting at a fast speed. This app is simple but will keep you hooked to learn Korean! Make sure to disable romanization and set the difficulty to your liking.

Infinite Korean

#4 - Best App for Writing Hangul - Write Korean

Write Korean is the only app with a fully functional Hangul Writing feature. The app is helpful because it lets you trace over Hangul letters, and then challenges you to write the letter without the template. The app works smoothly and gives you some wiggle room with your handwriting. This app is great at the very beginning of your Korean Language Journey to help you establish a strong foundation in Hangul. It is also helpful for experienced learners to review their handwriting and stroke order.

Write Korean

#5 - Best App for Building Vocabulary - LearnKorean

Learn Korean is a simple Korean Vocabulary app. Its like having perfectly organized flashcard sets in your pocket. Compared to other vocabulary apps, this one has the best interface with the least amount of bugs. this is a great app to supplement your learning, but it should not replace a more complete experience with a real tutor and curriculum.

Learn Korean

There are dozens of apps you can find to Learn Korean, but there are only a few that actually work. We hope this list saved you a few hours from testing all the apps in the app store. We recommend that you download these apps now and start practicing every day! With all six of these apps you will have a comprehensive learning systems that will last you years. Additionally, you should not forget about the importance of practicing Korean with real people. You can find high-quality Korean tutors and classes here on K-Talk live. You can enroll in your first class for free now!